Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Nora Roberts Foundation web site is to provide information for the general public regarding operations for the foundation. Any information regarding the foundation including groups donated to, the foundation's mission, and application procedures are subject to change without notice.

Submission of an application does not in any way imply that the application will be accepted. If proper contact information was provided, the foundation will attempt to contact your group as to whether or not your request was accepted or denied, but you may not receive notice.

All applications and any materials sent by mail or email are non-returnable to the sender.

Information submitted electronically, or mailed to the foundation will never be sold or given to anyone outside of the organization for any reason. At this time, we are unable to accept applications in any way other than our online form. If you need additional help with your application please email us at forms@norarobertsfoundation.org or mail a letter to the address found in Contacts.